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Subscription Based Marketing

What is it?

Like most popular services today, Adiuvo feels that a business necessity such as marketing should be obtained on a monthly subscription. Like a co-op, by paying a monthly fee, you gain access to Adiuvo’s specialized team of marketers when you need for what you need. Adiuvo has compiled a team of highly skilled workers who each specialize in the areas that your business needs.

What is subscription based marketing

If you need a new site design or a new company branding you will be matched with a specialist who will walk you through the process and help ease your transition bringing your vision to life. Once your new site is live you will be matched with a search engine optimization specialist who will help you get closer to the top of search results for your area of expertise. To further help get your companies name out you can also be matched with out video or print design specialists where we can create custom campaigns to let the world know who you are and what you do.

Why monthly subscription?

As a business it is key to keep costs low so you can focus on your customers, but also give the customers the best experience you can for the money you do spend marketing. As well you may have a need for a website or flyer now, but may not require a video for a few months after launch. Monthly subscription packages allow for flexibility of what services you need to focus on, when you need to. It also takes away the high upfront costs that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars and lets you spread payments out over time. This allows you to plan your marketing budget as well as free up funds for other company investments allowing you to grow quicker in areas that may have been put on hold.

How does it work?

You may sign up for one of Adiuvo’s pre-set packages, or discuss a custom package with one of Adiuvo’s solution specialists and create a solution that best fits you. Once initial payment is received the next step is up to you. You decide what you need, when you need it. You will have access to all of Adiuvo’s specialists and can plan your campaign with them. After hearing your needs, Adiuvo will help you set milestones and launch dates bringing your visions to life.

How do you request work?

Once you are a member you may work with one of Adiuvo’s Solution Specialists to plan marketing strategy. You will also have access to your members only section where you can use our online client system to request work and upload assets required. Once received a Solution Specialist will be assigned and work with you to make your vision a reality.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes you may always cancel at anytime. Once cancellation has occurred you no longer have access to use work produced by Adiuvo’s team in the past 6 month period. Access to any website related materials will also be restricted including:
– Images provided by Adiuvo
– Plugins provided by Adiuvo
– Website design and hosting provided by Adiuvo
– Access to email on Adiuvo’s server

Can I cancel but still have access to any of my work provided by Adiuvo, or my hosting and emails?

Yes, when you cancel you may work with Adiuvo on a package that either pays for services that you still require such as menu design, brochure, logos, etc that have been provided in the last 6 months. You may also purchase the web design to use elsewhere all for a one time fee. For e-mail, you may reduce your package to an email only service. Adiuvo will accept this on a client by client badis as we work diligently to ensure out email servers function at peak for all users and need to ensure that the email will not be misused for ill intent purposes.

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