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A Bit About Us

Adiuvo was established in 2001 by Chris and George.  Even in the early years, they gained world renown attention by delivering custom solutions in different forms of media.  In the early years they created dynamic flash content for musicians from Germany, Swedan, Florida as well as corporate clients in Montreal, Toronto and Kingston.  As technology changed, the Adiuvo team also evolved mastering new skills such as Search Engine Optimization and E-commerce solutions all produced in a format that responds to any media type.

While observing the market, Adiuvo took notice of the high fees typically associated with web design.  With a hand picked team of specialists, Chris and George are changing the way that marketing occurs and have created simple packages that suite the needs of any business with low monthly subscription fees.  Being leaders in their field, they are pioneering the way that how marketing companies will go by being one of the first to adopt this method of business models.

Adiuvo New Media Solutions

Meet The Team

Co-Founder / Lead Designer

George had designed custom logos and created custom graphic solutions since Adiuvo was founded.
Whether you preview a flyer, browse one of our many websites or view custom video menu and promotion screens around town, nothing was set live without Georges touch and approval.

Co Founder / Lead Programmer

Chris has spent many years mastering all forms of programming languages. While at the moment he excels in creating custom WordPress applications and plugins, he also has vast experience in creating custom solutions from the ground up in many different programming languages. Chris has specialized in database design and custom web based solutions since Adiuvo was formed and looks forward to creating new and unique solutions that currently do not exist. All projects can become a reality and he enjoys taking the dream of a client and making them come alive.

Search Engine Specialist

Matthew started by obtaining a Psychology Degree and quickly followed it up with a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing Management. With his unique background, Matthew not only analyzes your website, but also analyzes your customer base and target market. With his specialized skills Matthew will not focus on drawing traffic to your website, but instead he will zone in on the unique personality that is most likely finalize their purchase from you and target them directly. Although as a by product he also increases traffic to your site, his main goal is to create awareness to the visitors he can change into customers.
Matthew brings along his credentials of Bing and Google Adwords certifications and can create custom campaigns to further draw traffic to your site and increase the potential of increased revenue.


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